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How to Select And identify Terminal's Quality?

Aug. 04, 2021

Terminal block selection has always been a focus topic. For the purchase that knows the terminal model or has the product picture, it's easy, they can ask the terminal sales personnel directly, but for some product parameters, even the purchase that has no parameters, buying the terminal is a headache problem. Here are terminal block connector factory experts to help you solve.

 GKU TC 600A Higu Current Connector

Selection mainly considers the following points:

1. Is the wire to be connected hard or soft?

2. What is the cross-sectional area of the wire in square millimeters? (Excluding thread leather)

3. How much current and voltage does the terminal need to bear?

4. How many holes should be used in the connector?

Each connector, no matter how many holes, is internally conductive. Therefore, we need to connect a few wires together using connectors with a few holes. For example, a 4-hole connector can connect up to 4 conductors, and if there are only 3 conductors to connect, a single hole will do. Because each connector internal all conduct, so cannot insert the fire wire, the zero wire, the ground wire into the same connector, otherwise will cause the short circuit. So in any case, one must be used for the fire line, one for the zero line, and one for the ground line!

5. Can conductors of different thicknesses be connected to the same connector?

The springs of each hole of the YueQing GaoKe connector are independent of each other, so the wires with different cross-sectional areas can be used safely and reliably as long as they are within the connection range of the connector.


Brass Terminal with insulation GK109

How to identify the quality of terminal

About the use of terminal customers and terminal manufacturers agents, how to identify the quality of terminal?

The first step is to look at their terminal insulation:

Insulation material is very important for the safety of the terminal, but the general consumer is more difficult to distinguish, purchase if you can do the burning test of its core components, of course, the best, if there is no condition, from the appearance of the poor data in the hand is very light, there is no pressure after the feeling, easy to scratch. Good material generally strong texture, it is difficult to scratch, forming the structure is tight, and the weight is heavier. Good resin material, with flame retardant, arc resistance, heat resistance, strong characteristics.

The second step to see the copper terminal, in procurement, although can not see clearly, but it is crucial. Try it with a magnet to see if it's ferro-alloy or iron-steel copper plated.

To choose an excellent terminal, we must first consider the power processing factors. Purchasers cannot simply read the data manual and cannot ensure that accurate comparison data is obtained. They must also understand how the performance data listed in the manual is tested and determined.

The third step, to be able to judge from the quotation, his quotation is lower than all the market quotation, it does not have to say.

The fourth step, when you do not have the above experience, the best choice of brand or reputation of the company's terminal products.

As a industrial terminal manufacturer, YueQing GaoKe with more than 25 years of experience and constant innovations, has become one of the leading manufacturers in the field of electrical goods. Follow us to wholesale different kinds of terminals.

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