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Why are terminals generally made of copper?

Copper is an early human use of metal materials. Due to brief mining and refining, easy processing and manufacturing, it is widely used in electrical industry, decorative construction and hardware accessories. According to the copper content and the share of other metals, it could be divided into bronze, brass, and copper. Generally speaking, copper and brass are more commonly used to make wiring terminals.

What is the difference between copper terminals and brass terminals?

A - red copper

Color is red. Melting point is 1083. It's density is 89, which is five times as much magnesium. The mass of copper is about 15 times that of ordinary steel at the same volume. Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. The microelements in red copper have serious influence on the conductivity and thermal conductivity of copper.

B - Brass

It is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass has a strong abrasion. If the terminal made of brass, its color will be yellow. When it dropped to the ground, there will be a crisp sound. If the terminal is made of reclaimed waste brass, the impurities in it will bring resistance to the terminal, causing bad contact and current loss l, bringing security risks. It can also damage the life of wires and terminals.

GaoKe terminals are made of new brass and copper. The exquisite production technology and the modernized management method help to ensure the quality. Contac us!

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