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Performance of Terminal Blocks Differs From one Device to Another

Jul. 05, 2021

Terminal Block in a large extent is also used to achieve the electrical connection on an accessory product, on the industrial used to classify as a connector category. With the increasing degree of industrial automation, as well as its industrial control requirements on the increasingly strict and precise, the amount of terminal blocks itself, in fact, will gradually rise.

Terminal Block

Terminal Block

And, in fact, we will also note that, along with the development of the electronics industry, for the use of Brass Terminal Blocks in terms of the range is actually more and more, and, on the other hand, we actually want to pay attention to its own type is also more and more. At present, the most widely used in addition to PCB board terminals, it is actually hardware terminals, there will be screw terminals and spring terminals.

Speaking of terminals among the insurance terminals, in simple terms, in fact, it also refers to the use of insulation materials with modified nylon, in view of this, we will actually find that it actually has a relatively good electrical and mechanical properties.

In terms of the screw itself is also made of high-strength copper alloy, followed by the conductor, we will actually be made of electrolytic copper, for the crimp frame is also to be made of stress crack corrosion-resistant alloy copper, on the surface of these metals, we should actually be tin-plated or nickel-plated to protect. Immediately after, we are actually to pay attention to the all-copper terminal itself is actually able to avoid steel metal parts and copper conductors in the wet environment under the relevant battery effect.

Finally, in the middle of the terminal block in fact, there will be connection holes, in terms of its central connection, we actually have to pay attention to the side plug type connector for connection; in view of this, we actually have to pay attention to should be connected to 4mm2 wire voltage for 800V, in terms of its current, that is, for 41A an electrical product.

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