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Busbars In Case Distribution Box GK112

GK112 series distribution box is the terminal of distribution cable or optical cable, plays an important part in  connecting the distribution cable or optical cable with the user's line part, branching the main line. The cable box can be installed in the bridge frame, box body, pipeline, cable trench and other small space. It do not occupy the effective area of the building, easy to install, do not need to cut off the main cable.

Products Description

• PA, Polyamide 66, 94V-2 grade. in aming ratarding, good resist dissolve, good bounce impact force, Working
Temperature: -30℃~110℃;
• PC Polycorbonate, good glossniess, in aming retarding, bouce impact force and thermal stability is great, Work ing Temperature: -60℃~135℃;
• Brass, screw is Iron plated zinc;
• Voltage: 250V;
• Color: clear/ grey color.

Outgoing inspection

Visual check:

- check the absence of outer damages, deep scratches, cracks, chips, corrosion on the bus and screws.

- all screws are to be entirely tightened.

- check the conformity of the overall and installation dimensions according to production drawing


Temperature Rise Test :

-         5% of the batch of each standard size, but not less than 10 pcs.

Flame Retardant Test:

-         5% of the batch of each standard size, but not less than 10 pcs.




CE, can be of ROHS at your decision

Busbars In Case Distribution Box GK112


Why should we choose Gaoke products?

A: Gaoke is a leading manufacture in the field of terminal blocks, connecting bars, din rail and copper accessories. We also provide customized solutions to meet various demands.

How can we ensure product quality from Gaoke?

A: Gaoke believes QUALITY is critical. We committed ISO9001 from paper to real work in each position in the company. From raw material supplier audits, incoming material inspection to quality control and final packing Every step is executed strictly to assure our product quality.

How long is the lead time?

A: Any order less than 500000 pieces can be completed in 30days.

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