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Analysis of the Causes of Poor Fixing of Terminals

Apr. 08, 2021

If the Wiring Terminal is not properly fixed, it will directly affect the reliability of the contact. At this time, to a large extent, it will cause an instantaneous power failure. The serious one actually means the product disintegration. Disassembling means that the terminal is in the mated state. Due to the material, design, process and other reasons, the structure will be unreliable, which will cause the difference between the plug and the socket, and between the pin and the socket. Normal separation will cause serious consequences of interruption of control system power transmission and signal control at this time.

Wiring Terminal

Wiring Terminal

Poor fixation on the terminal blocks is due to unreliable design, and then due to errors in material selection, and moreover, due to improper selection of molding process, or due to heat treatment, mold, and its assembly and welding The quality of the workmanship will be poor, and the assembly will not be in place, which will directly cause poor fixing.

In addition, when it comes to the poor fixing of the terminal, it is because of peeling, corrosion, bruising on the plating layer, or because of flashing, cracking of the plastic shell, or the appearance of the contact parts due to rough processing and deformation. On the bad.

In fact, we need to pay attention to the insulator on the Brass Terminal Block not only for insulation. Generally speaking, we actually need to pay attention to it to a large extent, that is, to provide the protruding contact piece. More accurate centering and protection, at the same time, to a large extent, it actually has the functions of installation and positioning, and locking and fixing on the device.

Finally, the fixing on the terminal is poor, that is, because the positioning and locking fit is relatively poor in size, the consistency of the processing quality is also poor, and the total separation force is relatively large, which will cause poor interchangeability. This is actually That is, common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases. These types of faults are generally discovered and eliminated in time during the inspection of the wiring terminals and the use process.

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